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Nutritional Counseling Is the Key to Healthy Living

There are a lot of people who have dived into the fitness craze with the intention of getting their bodies in tip-top shape. Unfortunately, people spend endless amounts of money on diet plans, diet drinks and pills to help them lose weight, without getting any results. Here at Back Pain Institute of West Texas in Odessa, the mission of our chiropractic team is to help people achieve their weight loss goals in the healthiest way possible. We get to the bottom of why our patients have failed to lose weight in the past, and we provide nutritional counseling to help them get their health back on track. 

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The Weight Of It All

One of the things the average person might not be aware of is how a hormonal balance or even an underlying health issue can alter their body and interfere with their ability to lose weight. Thyroid disease, hypertension, and diabetes are three examples of medical conditions that can add pounds and make it even more difficult to keep weight under control. Because inflammation is specifically tied into the core of these diseases, they require a specialized diet to not just control the swelling, but one to help the body find balance. Here in our clinic, our chiropractor examines and looks at the body as a whole unit, by reviewing every patient’s current concerns and delving into their personal and family medical histories to help determine a plan of care.

Eat To Live

The vast majority of people don’t realize that the foods they eat influence the way their bodies function. There are a number of foods that actually cause inflammation in the body which can exasperate diseases like heart disease, obesity, hypertension, and vascular disease. Some foods that cause inflammation include but are not limited to white pasta, processed meats, white bread, alcohol, sugary foods, trans fats, tomatoes, and white potatoes. Our doctor works with our patients to identify the foods they need to eat to bring their bodies into balance, and those they need to avoid.

Our doctor also helps people bring their bodies back into a healthy balance by teaching them about anti-inflammatory snacks and helping them determine what their caloric intake needs to be. Some people might be surprised to know that when they eat foods that work with their bodies as opposed to the foods that work against it, their bodies could actually require more calories per day.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

Trying to figure out what you need to do to keep your body in balance is complicated. Our chiropractor understands the science of food and how it can benefit your body. The team here at the Back Pain Institute of West Texas in Odessa is here to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. To learn more about our approach to nutritional counseling and how it can benefit you, give us a call at 432-332-3388 to schedule your appointment today.

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